symbiotics_setThe New Image Group and Hunan Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to set up SenBiao (Hunan) Foodstuff Co., Ltd., to be the exclusive agent in China for the New Image Brand called Symbiotics®. SenBiao (Hunan) Foodstuffs Company is opening offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

New Image Group is a NZ based dairy and Nutraceuticals Company with world leading technology in infant formula and colostrum based products. The company operates its own milk powder dryer near Auckland and works closely with a research team at Auckland University developing and refining colostrum based products to strengthen human immune systems and incease stem cell production.

The Hunan Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. is an agricultural technology company, manufacturing “whole grain” products. One of its plans is to develop “Vegetable protein + animal protein + dietary fiber” product which is highly appraised and supported by Mr Yuan Longping, a well-known microbiologist and the father of hybrid rice in China

The Symbiotics® products range includes infant formulas made from bovine and goats milk, a 50-Plus product for strengthening the immune systems and restoring vitality to older adults and Recovery Pro for restoring the energy after a major surgery. Symbiotics is one of the world’s major brands of quality colostrum products.

In September 2012, the New Image Group Chairman, Mr Graeme Clegg and the deputy Chairman, Mr Alan Stewart visited Beijing. During the visit, they had some in-depth discussions on the national food health and safety topics, with the China’s dairy industry experts. They also introduced the outstanding achievements of New Image in scientific research on infant formula, colostrum supplements and related products. The experts have given their approval for the prospects of the New Image products in China.

Following these discussions SenBiao Hunan Foodstuffs is planning to begin trials of its 50-Plus and Recovery Pro products at several of China’s leading hospitals to demonstrate the effectiveness of these products.