NIG Nutritionals specialise in the manufacture of milk and soy based powders for nutritional use:

  • We are a market leader and industry authority in colostrum.
  • A Wide range of formulations and packaging formats are available.

Formulation options:

High quality milk, soy, colostrum, dextrose and maltodextrin bases available. Near-limitless selection of additional ingredients, functional ingredients and flavours. Regulatory team committed to working with you for market approval.

Packaging options:

  • 200g – 1000g can with measured scoop
  • 10g – 50g sachets
  • 200g – 2000g pouches
  • Bulk packing 25kg

Minimum order quantities:

  • 5000 x 900g Can
  • 10000 x 400g Can
  • 25000 x Sachet
  • 160 x 25kg Bulk Pack