New Zealand, May 29, 2018: The safety of New Zealand dairy products for human consumption is not affected by the decision to try and wipe out the bacterial disease Mycoplasma bovis from the country’s dairy herd.

Any products manufactured and exported by NIG Nutritionals remain safe to be consumed.

Furthermore, NIG Nutritional products that are goat milk based are not affected by the disease at all.  Reports of the disease affecting goats are extremely rare and NIG Nutritionals Goats are not affected by the disease.

Mycoplasma bovis is a bacterium that causes illness in cattle, including udder infections (mastitis), abortion, pneumonia and arthritis. It does not infect humans and presents no food safety risk.

The disease is found worldwide and is not considered a disease of relevance to trade by the World Animal Health Organisation (the OIE). There are no regulatory restrictions for meat and dairy products due to Mycoplasma bovis.

New Zealand Government and farming sector leaders have agreed to attempt the eradication of cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis from New Zealand to protect the national herd and the long-term productivity of the farming sector.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Agriculture and Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor say the country has one shot at eradicating the disease. More than NZ$880 million has been allocated by the Government for the task.

NIG Nutritionals, as part of the farming sector, extends its sympathy to those farmers who will be losing an estimated total of 150,000 cows. Many of those farmers have reared the cows from calves and tended their herds almost as part of their families.  While they will be compensated financially, the emotional cost for these farmers is huge.

Any consumer or customer of NIG Nutritionals who has questions about the situation should contact:

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