New Image offers products and services encompassing the entire production chain.

  • Research and development: a great product is the partnership of innovation and hard work

    We are able to formulate new and modify existing products to suit your needs. We operate a fully stocked product development laboratory at our site in Penrose.
  • Raw Milk Processing: quality starts at the source

    Our brand new dairy processing plant established in Paerata, South Auckland is able to handle large quantities of milk powder per day. We collect high quality colostrum and milk from farms across New Zealand.
  • Spray drying

  • Blending

  • Product Manufacture: state of the art manufacturing equipment and expertise

    Across the greater Auckland region we operate everything you might need to manufacture your next product: Wet blending and spray drying for infant formula, Dry blending for other nutritional powders, Tableting and encapsulating machines and High pressure processing unit for liquids.
  • Packaging:quality nutritional products protected by excellent packaging.

    Our own can manufacturing line and a range of other packaging options allows us to offer you a packaging solution to meet your needs. We can supply: Cans, Sachets, Pouches.
  • Quality Control & logistics: safe products, safe consumers, safe business

    The regulatory environment requirements for infant nutrition and all food products is very complex and requires approval from regulatory authorities in both New Zealand, through the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), and also in the country of intended export e.g. China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ). At New Image we have an experienced and capable regulatory team to assist you in obtaining approval for your product. All of our manufacturing sites are regularly audited by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and we strive to continuously improve our quality and regulatory standards.
  • Experienced Support: a strong business is built by talented people

    The people at NIG Nutritionals have extensive knowledge across all areas of our business. In addition to product development and manufacturing, we offer expertise in sales, account management and marketing services, creative support, regulatory assistance, logistics and customer service. This expertise means we can provide you with high quality products as well as excellent service.
  • Marketing services

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We are able to offer contract manufacture customers tailored product solutions in a wide range of categories to promptly meet their business needs.

This ‘full suite’ contract manufacture approach allows broad spectrum customisation, price stability and speed to market.